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ReNEWal by Walman Owning is an investment in the past, renewal is an investment in the future

When you purchase an examination lane, you commit a large sum of money to equipment that will soon be outdated and obsolete. Instead of the “investment” you envisioned, your purchase becomes a depreciating asset that can prevent you from upgrading as often as you should.

That’s why Walman Instruments is introducing the new Renewal Lane Program. For $295 a month, we’ll deliver a top-quality exam lane — not the stripped down ones you see advertised elsewhere. You select the equipment you want from the industry’s leading manufacturers. We take care of all the maintenance and service, including refractor cleanings. And in five years, we’ll help you pick out an updated lane!

Like it or not, your patients make a connection between you and your examination equipment. The Renewal Lane Program makes sure that your equipment looks as good as you are. The Renewal Lane Program offers you an alternative to investing in instruments you know will depreciate.

No Maintenance Worries

The Renewal Lane plan covers all of your maintenance needs, including annual preventative maintenance and service. We even clean your refractor.

No Limited Warranty Plans or Repair Costs

Everything is covered, including parts, labor and travel. Even the phone call is free. You’ll never see another service bill.

No Obsolescence

The Renewal Lane Program allows you to take advantage of future enhancements and technology. You decide what instrumentation is keeping pace with your practice needs.

No Depreciating Assets

Our Renewal Lane Program can be fully expensed each month. Consult your tax advisor for more details.